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even monsters smile sometimes
you need to learn to shoot and nows a good a time as ever
i had a dream i was fighting the devil

I don’t speak Latin
but nows a good time to learn
to fight back satan in every toss and turn

I cant shut the bathroom door
its coming in after me
a head twisting around the bend
and staring through my soul
with a contorting body, just fitting through the crack

the Japanese have invaded
but they didn’t anticipate the flood
a 3 headed beast rising out of the low tide

malevolent eyes and hatred soulmangling warped claws
six by six

I banish you back to the forgotten
in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord
the Son and Word of God
Who was born, lived, died, and rose from the dead

to save us all from sin.


reading James joyce by day
pitchers of blue moon by night
a stomach ache in the morning
and an inherent sadness

such jubilee, drunken cacophony
just another face in the crowd
a warm crowded bar room
sticky floors, and gleaming smiles

Is this all a dream?
it must be,
since I can feel no pain
won’t someone wake me?

A forgotten name
a fuzzy face
a subway ride
that lasts forever

golden street lamps
and black topped pavement
scraping the
rubber soles of my sneakers

can one dream without sleeping?

Word Play

Im always happy

and never happy. nay.

I always satisfied

and never happy. nay.

Im always happy

and never satisfied. yep.

that about sums it up. the little diddie of my existance. its almost a poem. almost. but poems have form, structure, rhyme and reason. But who says they have to? Did I say reason? I meant to say Rhyme and Meter. or is it spelled Metre? i’m not sure. I might be the worst english major ever. scratch that, I AM the worst english major ever. But Im happy lol. just not satisfied.


half laughing

half crying

im living

while im dying.

i love more than most,

but maybe im lying.

life is all

beauty and truth.

a passing moment

of purple serenity

this moment was made for me

and I am so lucky

to see you here.

now we are one

twisting and colliding

in the

pink moonlight.

my heart extends further

a shooting star

rising upwards


in the velvet sky.

your eyes caress me

your hands cross my chest

weve been here once before

or mayb

in just a dream I had.

life is all

beauty and truth.

for an instant

we are one

then two again

but in that instant I was free

and now a slave to my heart

is all I can be.

that moment

is forever

and time never ceases

and we are part of it all.

Looking for my Keys

life is just this small window of time, an opportunity, between two infinite abysses.

a single finite beam of light, penetrating through the darkness. there was a time when you did not exist, and there will come a time when you will cease to exist.

your brain, the computer. saving all information. the hard drive must be wiped clean eventually.

mechanical limbs. parts. working together. I am A General Motors Automobile. A living, breathing, contraption to be moved, and changed, and used. Gotta keep driving ‘til the motor gives out. Im not even owned. Im leased. This whole life is just a rental

and im still trying to find the keys to my car.

-U. E.

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