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Today, Everything is just so.

and i remember that smile

times when we were just boys

and used to kill small animals

in the yard

as young boys do

we hunted.

and on that day the deer did not stir

grazing penitently


aside the road

today no deer would run across the road

they are at peace

no screeching breaks

in the dark emcompassing night

with only the startling

white long beams tearing through

abyss, and ripping apart

their world at

the seams

just peacefully

gazing across the eons

quietly basking in sunlight

i too am at peace
tired eyes flutter at the horizon

upon my weary shoulders,

the coat,  washed away dirt

and a collar bone

faced against the wind

just flesh and earth

an accomplished grin

spreads wide

farethee well

darkness of night

a job well done

another week older

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